Thursday, April 12, 2007

Public Service Message: Help Build One Pencil

Apparently, the Pencil Revolution has come and gone, reaching its apex in mid 2005. However, I find no evidence of the solitary experiment of which I am now a part. No pencil pioneer exists wishing to throw his hat into the ring of in situ resource management.

Am I alone? I must be, although the Pencil Revolution once got the notice of the illustrious David Pescovitz at BoingBoing, this old concept may never enter the collective consciousness at large.

If you're saddened by this, you can help. Make a contribution to my cause, and see this plan to its completion by clicking on the paypal link in the sidebar.

Every little bit counts.

Every cent can make a difference.

One pencil is made in factories for just cents a day. You too can be a part of the lifespan of one pencil.

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