Thursday, April 19, 2007

Overcoming Pencil Bigotry

I volunteer in the Boy Scouts of America, working with 14-15 year old boys. Last night, while waiting for some pizza's to come out of the oven, I found a pencil sitting on the counter and mentioned my new interest in pencils to the youth in attendance.

One of them, after I had gone on a bit about pencil lore, suggested that he might do some real damage to my psyche by breaking this particular pencil in half.

"That's absolutely fine by me", I said. "The beautiful thing about the pencil is that despite the fact that it is a fantastic invention, that has been perfected over hundreds of years, it is cheap to produce!"

"Besides, when you're finished destroying that one pencil, you'll have created two more in its place!"

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y-intercept said...

Mickey Mouse had some value experience in breaking brooms in half. Perhaps you might sit the boy scout down for a view of Fantasia so that he can learn the fate of apprentices who fail to demonstrate proper appreciation for the craft.