Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Beginnings:Embarking On A Journey

In December 1958, the Economist, Leonard E. Read issued a challenge that, as far as I can tell, has never been achieved.

I summarize it thusly: One person must build one pencil from tip to eraser.

It is my intention to be that person.

It should be clear to you that I am probably the least qualified for the job. I have no skills, or financing, that would be required to complete any one of the multitude of tasks. Ideologically, I am convinced that Capitalism is superior to all other economic theories--especially the venture that I am now embarking upon. That of being self-sufficient.

Remember the guy that traded one red paperclip for a house? That was nothing. All he did was to convert something that was worth almost nothing into something of great value. That was an exercise in increase that is common with capitalism. I, however, intend to convert some things that are worth much into one thing that is worth almost nothing, and that will be very difficult indeed.

In the information age in which we live, I must be able to gather all of the information that I need to construct a pencil from scratch, from materials constructed from scratch. The, perhaps, thousands of people with the requisite skills must be out there. If you know them, please direct them to this blog?

This blog will be the university from which one person could learn to
build a pencil from scratch.

Wish me luck!

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WoodChuck said...

Have just learned of your new quest through your links and recent comment on my blog Timberlines.

As a fellow free market and pencil enthusiast I wish you well on your new endeavour. I'll be watching enthusiastically from the sidelines. I'd offer some help with access to raw materials, but I think that defeats the purpose of "one man, one pencil".

Will post a link on Timberlines tomorrow. Best of Luck.