Thursday, April 12, 2007

One Pencils Introduction To Scale

One of the problems I face in attempting to build one pencil from tip to plug is in economics of scale. If I were setting myself up to build one million pencils it would be a far simpler, and cheaper, task. That is because materials become cheaper when they are acquired in bulk, and the returns are greater relative to the labor involved.

Take, for example, this Pencil Repair 101 site in which one pencil takes 2 hours just to restore! This guy had everything he needed at his immediate disposal already. He could repair the existing ferrule (metal band that holds on the eraser), and use spray paint to touch it up.

I'm trying to do something else entirely. I began this blog saying that I might just prove the effectiveness of capitalism over self-sufficiency, or other economic modes.

I hope that it takes much longer to prove than one week!

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