Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Pencil:Three Types Of 'Wood'

Maybe as a first step I should upgrade an existing pencil. For example, pencil wood comes in at least three varieties, of differing qualities. On the low end we have the pencils that are much more flexible and when broken, do so cleanly. These are actually made of a plastic composite. Pencil connoisseurs don't go for these at all. A tier up would be the pencil made of tropical rain forest trees, identified by the dark specks in the wood.. I, personally, think these are fine, but they aren't too politically correct--Killing the rain forest, and raining down pollutants on coral reef's, and all that. The top of the line pencil is constructed with incense cedar identified by a clear solid grain, and a clear seam.

I think it would cause no offense if I harvested the graphite from one of my plastic pencils and remade the implement into something better. Any wood should be an improvement. It doesn't even have to be cedar.

It would be something.

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